Taruya FPC-07M Silver Cartridge with Needle for DVS.TURNTABLE [Taruya FPC-07M]

Taruya FPC-07M Silver Cartridge with Needle for DVS.TURNTABLE [Taruya FPC-07M]

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Taruya FPC-07-M Silver Cartridge with Needle for DVS. (Serato-DJ/Scratch-LIVE)
Genuine product from Japan.

Taruya was founded by Japanese needle craftsman. Taruya's stylus has been used by lots of music lovers, audiophiles and world's famous professional Djs like Derrick May, Dj Harvey, Jazzy Jeff and so on.

FPC-07-M stylus was developed for control vinyl of Serato-DJ/Scratch-LIVE.
so it can read the data for fast backspins.

This stylus is also available for playback of vinyl record but we strongly recommend 01-M or 03-M for buyers who play vinyls only.

package includes 
1x cartridge and 1x stylus.

Brand new item but doesn't come with the official package originally.
I will package sturdy and carefully with cardboard and bubble wrap.

Type:MM(Moving Magnet)
Frequency Range:N/A
Output Voltage:N/A
Stylus Pressure:N/A
Cartridge Weight:17g
Stylus type:Spherical (Diamond Tip)


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    Power of FPC-07M Played by DJ JAZZY JEFF.


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