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"I want to know more about Japanese Taruya cartridges."

"I want to listen to analog records with a more powerful sound."

This page provides explanations for such people.


Taruya Product History

I am Tsuyoshi Abe, I have been working as a professional PA sound engineer for over 40 years. At the same time, I have been running a store specializing in DJ equipment in Tokyo since 1992.

Different types of DJs and record listeners come to my shop every day.

When I first opened my store, my customers such as DJs and listeners were buying products from the major cartridge manufacturers.

However, I was wondering if they were happy with the sound of the cartridges.

Because I was very dissatisfied with the products made by the major cartridge manufacturers.

I have been accumulating various experiences as a professional who handles sound in constant pursuit of good sound.

With that experience, I felt that commercially available cartridges made by the major manufacturers sounded boring.

I asked many professional DJs if they have any requests regarding cartridges.

They wanted cartridges that would maximize the potential of vinyls in clubs.

However, none of the major cartridge manufacturers were able to meet their needs.

I felt that many DJs were choosing the products of the major cartridge manufacturers by the process of elimination.

Many DJs wanted to play their records with powerful and dynamic sound.

I decided to use my experience as a PA engineer to develop a cartridge that would meet the needs of DJs.

My goal was to create a high-resolution cartridge for dance music that emphasizes the low frequency.

I especially focused on overwhelming sound pressure that you can never experience with other cartridges.

I made several prototype models and conducted hundreds of trial and error tests.

As a result of this, I made Taruya cartridges that could produce the ideal sound.

Taruya cartridges are a significant masterpiece created by craftsmen with excellent Japanese skills.

Japanese craftsmen carefully make each Taruya cartridge.

Taruya cartridges could be made only with the excellent technical skills of craftsmen.

When Taruya cartridges were first manufactured and sold, news about excellent sound quality spread around naturally through word of mouth in the local community.

International DJs who came to Japan were interested in using Taruya cartridges, which Japanese DJs had never seen before.

They were surprised by its powerful sound.

DJs from overseas who were using cartridges of other manufacturers played the same records as Japanese DJs who were using Taruya cartridges.

However, the sound of Taruya cartridges was much more powerful than the sound of other manufacturers' cartridges.

20 years have passed since Taruya cartridges were made.

Now, many DJs and record lovers around the world love to use Taruya cartridges.

Please listen to the sound of Taruya cartridges made by me and Japanese craftsmen.

Once you experience the sound of Taruya cartridges, you will never go back to the old cartridges.

I guarantee that you will be satisfied with the sound of Taruya cartridges.


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■CEO Abe, who used to be a professional PA engineer with more than 40 years of experience, produced the cartridges.

■Japanese craftsmen with outstanding skills carefully make Taruya cartridges.

■We make the cartridges using the feedback from professional DJs in clubs.

■From the beginning of the production, we have sold the cartridges for more than 20 years.

■Professional DJs around the world love to use Taruya cartridges.

■You can feel overwhelming sound pressure that other cartridges cannot reproduce.

■Customers from all over the world come to the store in Tokyo to purchase Taruya cartridges.

■We have a lineup of basic models and products that meet the demands of professional DJs working in the field.

■We have a repertoire of six cartridges to suit your playing style.

■The sound quality is satisfactory for both analog record listeners and professional DJs.

If you listen to the sound of Taruya cartridges for a moment, you will immediately understand the difference between this cartridge and those of other companies.




DJs around the world are using Taruya cartridges!

This is Taruya Japan Funky President TSUYOSHI ABE.

Profile of CEO Abe
Taruya CEO ABE



Taruya product developer


■The 01M cartridge is a basic model in Taruya products.

■Ideal for listening and normal DJ play.

■A model with excellent good value for money.

■High output level and wide dynamic range.

■The 01M is the best for playing all music genres.





■05M-2 New Black Cartridge uses an Elliptic stylus.

■High output level and wide dynamic range.

■The sound quality is more reproducible in the midrange than the 01M Red Cartridge.

■Suitable for playback of all music genres.





■The 03M is a model for hard scratch play.

■It is equipped with our proprietary anti-skip mechanism.

■It is the world's most skip-resistant cartridge.

■The sound is more solid and sharp than the 01M red cartrdge.





■08M Black cartridge a compatible model that can play normal analog records and read control vinyl for DVS.

■High output level & dynamic range.

■You can experience the high sound pressure of a Taruya cartridge. Equipped with anti-skip mechanism.

■Developed for all DJs and turntablists who play a wide variety of music genres such as Hip Hop, R&B, House, Disco and Techno.

■It comes in matte black to match the color of the Technics SL-1200mk7 tone arm.




■This is the flagship model of Taruya cartridges, which uses sapphire as the material for the stylus.

■The Sapphire Stylus is the world's first cartridge with an integrated headshell.

■It reproduces high-quality, rich bass and clear treble typical of analog vinyl.

■Sapphire stylus is suitable for playing old analog records such as Jazz, Soul, Funk, Reggae, Latin, etc.

■Equipped with anti-skip mechanism.




■FPC-07-M cartrdge was developed for control vinyl of Serato-DJ / Pioneer-DJ rekordbox / TRAKTOR SCRATCH.

■So it can read the data for fast backspins.

■It is equipped with the same anti-skip mechanism as the 03M white cartridge, so it can handle hard scratch play.

■It can also play normal analog records.
(Sound quality is not as good as 01M red cartrdge or 03M white cartrdge.)




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Our products are quality checked 4 times at the manufacturing plant.

And for products shipped to overseas customers, ABE(Taruya's product developer and CEO) conducts a direct sound check.

Only products of perfect quality are delivered to you.

You can rest assured.

You don't have to worry about anything about quality.



* This is the only direct store that ships TARUYA products to worldwide.

* We do not sell our products on Amazon or eBay etc.
(Sites other than our store that ship worldwide are third party vendor. They carry the risk of no warranty, etc.)

* We do not recommend purchasing from a third party vendor.




Thank you for your interest in our products.

We highly value feedback from the customers who use Taruya cartridges.

We do everything to fix all possible issues.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Taruya cartridges, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please write anything you feel, however small.

We are dedicated to helping people solve problems.

We hope that you have a happy life with vinyls.