TARUYA Phono Cartridge with Needle for DJs and Music Lovers. Listen Massive Sound & Play Vinyl!


Promo: Taruya Needles - 100% Made In Japan from Lefto on Vimeo.

So today I visited my favorite dj shop in Shibuya, Tokyo; Disc Jam is the name and Abe is the owner. He’s really deep into sound and design so he showed me his new baby, he called it Taruya. These needles look like Ortofon, but have a much better sound output. I will post a video so you can hear the sound difference. Anyway if you’re fancy to know where you can get these fine “ferrari needles” like he said, endorsed by DJ Shadow, Jazzy Jeff and many others just visit the page of the store in front of his store selling them for him on website.

Working on something special!!! 2016!!! 📸 @djferno #vinyldestination #DJTools

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Shout Out to my Friend ABE at @DiscJam in Tokyo for the Custom Needles!!! #vinyldestination

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New Friends. J-Iro Changed My Life #questtojiro

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